10 Years of Awakening the Dreamer in Japan

October 11, 2018 | By The Pachamama Alliance

Japan Anniversary-270515-editedWhen Hide Enemoto, founder of the Seven Generations Pachamama Alliance Community, made the decision to translate Awakening the Dreamer into Japanese, little did he know what would become of the exhausting labor of love he and his team infused into the project. Now, we are celebrating the fruits their work and commitment of the last ten years!

Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer Symposium was presented for the first time in Japan in 2008, and since then, hundreds of Symposium Facilitators have been trained to deliver this powerful, transformational program all over the country. The result has been thousands of people in Japan inspired by a new dream for humanity; a presence on the planet that respects all of life.

The Seven Generations Community celebrated this 10th Anniversary of Awakening the Dreamer in Japan in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Transition Towns Japan—a vibrant, grassroots community movement seeking to build community resilience in the face of planetary and economic crisis. The two organizations came together to celebrate ten years of working in Japan and to envision a new future together with a two-day event full of presentations, visioning exercises, music, and more.

Today, amongst many other organizational goals, Seven Generations is working to widely expand the Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative. The initiative was presented during the 10th Anniversary celebration, creating excitement in over 100 people!

Building Community

As part of the anniversary month Seven Generations organized several events to strengthen their local groups and efforts to bring awareness about planetary crises as well as the opportunity that all humans have to come together and to choose a role to play to address the issues facing us.

Community Days

Pachamama Alliance Team member Maisa Arias visited Japan to offer several events to support the strengthening of Seven Generations and other local Pachamama Alliance Communities.

Community Day in Kansai, Japan

Learning new skills together in Kansai.

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Community Day in Tokyo

Seven Generations came together to explore Co-Active leadership, a new way of leading in the world.



Facilitator Gathering in Tokyo

Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators came together to plan for the next stage of their work in Japan, as they look to dramatically grow their presence and message in Tokyo.


Each and every Community in Japan is an inspiring example of what it means to work together with others, being committed to a new future. They told Maisa, “It isn’t easy, but it is possible and needed.”