A Destructive Worldview Fuels Fires in the Brazilian Amazon

August 29, 2019 | By The Pachamama Alliance

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

The fires raging in the Brazilian Amazon are devastating. And many of us feel called to see how we can act to make a difference there. 

Pachamama Alliance does not work directly in Brazil but many of our partner organizations do. Please check out and support the campaigns of Rainforest Norway, Amazon Watch, and Survival International to stop the devastation.

These tragedies, likely caused by humans for agribusiness, will continue as long as we stay on the course of consumption that society is on.

In this powerful commentary, our friend and ally, Charles Eisenstein explains that as long as our worldview sees the earth not as a living being but as a resource to exploit, things like this will continue to happen.


If you want to take action immediately to protect the Amazon, you can—stop eating meat. Reducing your consumption of animal products is one of the highest impact actions we can each take to protect the Amazon.

Learn more about how worldwide demand for beef is fueling Amazon deforestation in this article from CNN.