Awakening the Dreamer in Japan: The Immense Power of Working Together

October 24, 2013 | By Maisa Arias

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"Each translator experienced the immense power of doing something together." - Kaku-san, an Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator guiding the Japanese translation process

Enthusiasm is Contagious in Japan

Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators in Japan recently translated the latest Awakening the Dreamer Symposium version into Japanese so communities across Japan may access its message. Before the updated version was released in 2011, the Facilitators had worked with the second version of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium for three years. They were thrilled to hear a new version of the Symposium, with up-to-date world facts, would be released.

They were even more excited to hear The Pachamama Alliance was making the materials available not only for viewing, but free of copyright stipulations in order to allow communities around Japan to create regional Symposium adaptations. Motivated by the news, they organized themselves to recruit volunteers to translate version 2.5 into Japanese.

It was a long journey, but with the support of individuals and our partners from the Brahma Kumaris, a voice-over and a subtitled version of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is now available to the world in Japanese.

A Collaborative Challenge Creating Heartfelt Exchange

The Japanese Facilitators explained to us that, although this was not an easy process, it brought together 54 people (trained and prospective facilitators, and donors) who, after reading the public announcement, expressed their desire to be involved in the creation of a tool they knew would advance humanity toward a just and sustainable world.

It was also a memorable and learning experience for them. The translators expressed that a highlight of the project was finding themselves engaged in meaningful conversations derived from the need to find language accessible to as many groups as possible in Japan. It didn’t take the group long before they realized they didn’t need a professional interpreter as long as they translated from the heart.

“We just needed to bring into our working space the temperature and enthusiasm one can feel during a symposium,” said one Facilitator. “At the end, every one was very proud of themselves. There is such joy in seeing others discover themselves as a contribution to the world.”

In December 2013, some of the translators will become Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators, and will continue to expand the message of the symposium in Japan.

To find our more about this community, and to access the newly translated materials, please visit their Community Page.

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