Ever More Global: Awakening the Dreamer

September 01, 2008 | By The Pachamama Alliance

At the Global Gathering in June we heard the Awakening the Dreamer message spoken in languages from six continents, which reflected a real sense of our work becoming global.  Events since then have served to underline this further.

•    This month has seen the first symposium in Guatemala, conducted by Tracy Apple
•    Hide Enomoto held a second symposium in Japan
•    We are planning a facilitator training in Ireland to respond to the demand generated by the first five  trained facilitators in the Emerald Isle
•    New Zealand is planning two trainings on consecutive weekends in October, again to respond to the huge demand they are experiencing
•    Los Condores in Argentina (The Argentinian trained facilitator group) have run a large and very successful event, drawing more people into their network and planning a second training in early 2009
•    150 people from across the far East have volunteered to host symposiums for 100 or more people in their own networks and communities

To make all of this possible we are re-examining every facet of our strategy to ensure that the unfolding demand for our work can always be met.  Dedicated teams of facilitators around the world are working through the current version of the symposium line-by-line and clip-by-clip to help us make a version which isn't a US-American product but a truly global expression of our work.  Volunteers have already translated the existing symposium into Spanish, French and Russian, and we know that versions in Italian, Japanese and Chinese are in the offing. So, now we are looking at how to produce the symposium in any language.