Lynne Twist Receives Greenheart International’s Inaugural Global Leader Award at Their 2016 Gala

May 24, 2016 | By Cassie Stiftl

Left to Right: Andrea Dennis, Greenheart Outreach Director; Emanuel Kuntzelman, Greenheart Co-Founder & President; Lynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance Co-Founder; Laura Rose, Greenheart Chief Executive Officer (Vice President)

On April 28, 2016, global non-profit organization Greenheart International presented Pachamama Alliance Co-founder Lynne Twist with their inaugural Global Leader Award at their annual Greenheart Gala fundraiser in Chicago, Illinois.

Greenhart International’s mission is to connect people and planet to create global leaders through personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange. Greenheart envisions a world in which communities come together as agents of change to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.
Lynne Twist receiving the Global Leader Award at the Greenheart Gala.

About the Global Leader Award

The Global Leader Award is presented at the Greenheart Gala annually to honor individuals who serve as leaders to their local community or the world by connecting people and planet. All awardees embody the vision of Greenheart by serving as agents of change to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

From Greenheart International on Lynne Twist Receiving the 2016 Global Leader Award:

“We are thrilled to honor Lynne for her longstanding commitment to represent those who do not have a voice. We chose Lynne Twist as our inaugural Greenheart Global Leader Honoree due to her impactful work with the environment and indigenous cultures through the Pachamama Alliance. We believe that Lynne truly embodies the values of global leadership and is building a world that stands for openness, sustainability, and peace.”