Pachamama Alliance Ibero-America Community Event on Interbeing

October 03, 2019 | By The Pachamama Alliance

IMG_2280-1The Pachamama Alliance Ibero-America Community organized an event in August in Sao Paulo Brazil to bring people together to explore how we can all engage more collaboratively to build the new world we know is possible. It was organized, hosted, and facilitated by members of the Pachamama Alliance Community from across Ibero-America, including: Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil.  

The concept of “Interbeing” was a large focus of the event. Interbeing means we are all connected and in the context of a polarized society it means that individuals don't lash out and judge their opponents but rather they understand that they are both responding to the same things, but in a different way. Coming from this space, it can change our conversations by coming more from a place of appreciation of where we are each coming from. 

The event also featured remote speakers including, author Charles Eisenstein and Pachamama Alliance Co-founder Lynne Twist, and incorporated dancing and connection activities to facilitate healing.

Erik Friend of Comunidad México wrote his reflections on the event for the Global Commons. Read Erik’s story