Top 6 Moments from Our 2018 Annual Luncheon Fundraiser

November 19, 2018 | By The Pachamama Alliance

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Pachamama Alliance’s 2018 Annual Luncheon Fundraiser in San Francisco took place on Thursday, November 15. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in person or online.

Here are a few selected highlights to update and inspire you.

1. Isabel Wisum, Vice President of the Achuar Nation of Ecuador

“Women are now listened to in our culture in a way they never were before. Our opinion, our voice, is respected.”


2. Manari Ushigua, President of the Sápara Nation of Ecuador

“No more selling off indigenous lands. The consequences are potentially fatal not only to us, but to our entire world, even right here as we experience the effects of climate change.”


3. Bill Twist, Co-founder and CEO of Pachamama Alliance

“We don’t need more oil.”


4. Lynne Twist, Co-founder of Pachamama Alliance

“What is most important for humanity at this time?”


5. Mario Trigueros, Educational Programs Manager

“Whatever is happening out in the world, we will not succumb to resignation or paralysis, on the contrary.  It will strengthen us, it will ennoble us, and make our commitment and creativity all the broader.”


6. Maisa Arias, Global Engagement Manager

“Pachamama Alliance Communities, it's fantastic what they do.”


Watch the Full Recording of the 2018 San Francisco Luncheon

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