4 Ways to Deepen Our Democracy

October 13, 2020 | By The Pachamama Alliance

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Pachamama Alliance is committed to the ongoing process of deepening democracy.

We believe that seeking the voices of those on the margins, honoring the perspectives that diverge from our own, and committing ourselves to radical inclusion is how we build structures that challenge the myth of separation and build truly interdependent systems. 

This philosophy has been at the heart of the successful work Pachamama Alliance has done with Indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, and is true everywhere.

This year, the Presidential election in the United States is revealing the stark contrast between the world we have, and the world we need. The pathway to addressing climate justice, access to affordable healthcare, the relevance of truth, and so much more are what are actually on the ballot this year.

With the stakes so high, we encourage you to discover your role in this crucial election. In the remaining weeks before the November 3 election, find your unique way of making a difference and even consider taking something on that you might not normally do.

Here are a few possibilities we urge you to take on:

    1. If you’re eligible to vote, make sure you, your friends and family (and literally everyone you know) are registered—and then vote
    2. Support Black Voters Matter 
    3. Support Voto Latino
    4. Volunteer with one of the many organizations contacting voters in swing states

And remember that no matter what happens in this election, there will still be more work to do to create truly representative democratic systems. As always, we have deep gratitude for your partnership.

In partnership, 
Mario Trigueros, Pachamama Alliance Managing Director