2008 Global Gathering of Facilitators Marks a Turning Point

July 01, 2008 | By The Pachamama Alliance

The 2008 Global Gathering of Facilitators recently brought together more than 180 Facilitators of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium—150 in person at Mills College in Oakland and another 30 or more using video conferencing technology throughout the U.S. and in other parts of the world. The Gathering was a resounding success and helped usher in a new era of understanding, commitment and momentum.

Participants widely reported that they experienced a deep transformation in themselves, in their commitment to the purpose of the Awakening the Dreamer Initiative, and in their sense of global community.  On the final day, many of the participants declared intentions and commitments that will move the Initiative into exciting new possibilities. A new level of ownership had emerged within the Facilitator body which made it clear that this Initiative would thrive in the world even without the Pachamama Alliance.

There were several factors that made this Gathering so impactful – a primary one being the world-wide reach of the Initiative. There were representatives from North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, standing together with a common connection and commitment to expand the Initiative on all of those continents.

Several powerful speakers responded to the enthusiastic gathering of participants with profound and inspiring talks.  Joanna Macy talked about our being part of the Great Turning and how to sustain ourselves spiritually in this work, while also leading us in several profound experiential processes.  Brian Swimme inspired us with how the Universe and its unfolding can and is supporting us (and he’s incredibly funny for a mathematical cosmologist!) Drew Dellinger moved us deeply with his poetry.  Neal Rogin made us laugh with the unique cosmic and comic perspective of his character “The Kernel.”  Bill Twist, by video, told us about exciting new developments in Ecuador, where The Pachamama Alliance is empowering that country’s new constitution process which will ultimately yield new fundamental constitutional rights to the environment and to indigenous people.  And Lynne Twist talked about exciting possibilities in the world of corporations and civil society, while also grounding us in a new understanding and context of our work. Please click here to see Lynne Twist’s talk.

The Gathering also enabled all of us to open up a deeper understanding of the unique mission of the Awakening the Dreamer Initiative:  to contribute to the creation of a global movement—a groundswell—of awake people who are informed about our situation - grounded in reality, yet courageously optimistic -  and able to see and generate possibilities for the future. And we are committed to taking action, with the knowledge and humility that this is movement is much larger than us.

With that vision, the Facilitators were also excited to hear about several new and empowering tools.  First, we heard about the new Video Intensive Version of the Symposium (“V-1”), which delivers most of the information in the Symposium by means of powerful and moving videos, images, and music—freeing up the Facilitators to focus their energy on leading deeper interactions and processes among the participants.  You can see excerpts from the V-1 Version of the Symposium online.  Second, we heard about the new Awakening the Dreamer website, which opens up exciting opportunities for action and connection.  (And, if you are a Facilitator, check out the new interactive Facilitator Network by clicking the “Big Blue Button” on the home page of the website).

The impact of the 2008 Global Gathering is continuing to unfold, and we will share more developments in future updates.