Awakening the Dreamer Called Deeply into Africa

August 31, 2009 | By The Pachamama Alliance

This month has seen more new ground covered in the expansion of the Awakening the Dreamer Initiative, this time in Africa. Pachamama staff person and UK native, Jon Symes, shares the following:

The opportunity to conduct trainings in South Africa was opened up for us by one of our facilitators, Tracy-Kim du Plessis, a passionate South African who had trained with us in Hong Kong.  Thus inspired she delivered seven symposiums in her homeland while on holiday there in July which in turn sparked the trainings in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Plettenberg Bay.

Ruel Walker and Jon Symes delivered these three events with hardly a pause for breath and report that there are now over 40 trained facilitators in the country.  The Cape Town group declared their mission “to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just South Western Cape, and to sustain our growing community living in blessed unrest”. They invited the facilitators in the other two locations to join them in their own local holdings of this mission, invitations that were readily taken up in each case. The awakening is sure to spread far and wide in South Africa and beyond.

Then in Ghana we were able to run a symposium and a one-day training for facilitators in support of Mohammed Awal Yakubu, one of the heroes of our facilitator community.  Previously untrained, Awal has already taken the symposium into communities that are cutting down the forests of Northern Ghana to persuade people to find alternatives.  He now has 49 other colleagues in the wonderful group which trained together in Tamale, all intent on the work of building a sustainable, just and fulfilling human presence there.  This was the furthest foray yet for our work into the less-consuming world and has provided an enormous amount of learning about what and how we can best serve the awakening in this huge sector of the human family.