Check out our new Awakening the Dreamer Web Site

August 01, 2008 | By The Pachamama Alliance

We were proud and delighted to launch a new website for the Awakening the Dreamer Initiative at the June Global Gathering of facilitators.  A quick click will take you to a familiar address,, but it’s a whole new look that awaits you.  And behind the new appearance you’ll find a new range of functions to make this a more helpful, more informative and more enjoyable place to visit.

Our tech wizard, Joe Johnston, points to the World Map feature in particular.  “This is a great way for us all to follow the spread of the symposium around the world," he says. And there with just another click you can see on a world map all the symposiums that have ever been delivered, or simply review those up and coming.  This is more than just pretty, it’s the start of a better, faster on-line registration process for facilitators hosting events and for people registering to attend them.  The tool has a global feel and accepts payments in a host of world-wide currencies.  So, if you are a host or facilitator, please do make sure you post all your new symposiums on here, and check to be sure we’ve caught all of your previous ones too – we want this record to be complete!

Further developments are underway to expand the video elements now featured and to introduce even more blogs.  Material from our facilitators and friends already features strongly – go check out the amazing “News of the Planet” blog supplied by Carol Ashkinaze, with a daily compilation of environmental news items. In time, the New Dream section of the site will expand to allow us to explore the world we are creating through a variety of different media, so send us your art and poetry right away, and of course don’t stop sending in your stories of what you are doing. We want all of these so that the site fits your needs from top to bottom.  Please send your submissions to Jon Symes.

And if one new web tool wasn’t enough, we have also launched the Facilitator Network, a great place specifically for trained Facilitators to find resources and engage in conversations.  If you are a facilitator and have not yet created an account or viewed the Facilitator Network, click here to check it out.