China: a Pachamama Alliance Community in Action

July 20, 2016 | By Maisa Arias

More than ever, the people of China are rising to bring forth a new reality, a new way of life—one that honors all life on Earth. One great example is the Pachamama Alliance Community Core Team in Beijing. Working with country-wide environmental organizations, the Community is actively using Awakening the Dreamer to wake people from the old dream of consumption and destruction and inviting them to engage in actions and initiatives designed to promote a new relationship with one another and with the natural world.

Pachamama Alliance Programs in China

Thanks to the unwavering commitment of community builder and Training Leader Mary Klug, the Community in Beijing invited Mary, Pachamama Alliance's Global representative, Maisa Arias and Symposium Facilitator Gerard "Sully" Sullivan to host leadership and community trainings as well as Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums in June 2016. From children in kindergarten to educators and experienced environmental advocates and activists, the team of 3 touched the lives of hundreds, covering nearly 2000 miles in Beijing, the Sichuan, and the Hunan provinces. Here is a deep bow of appreciation to Mary Klug, who has spent several years as a volunteer determined to create positive changes in China for all generations to come and has made possible for Pachamama Alliance's vision to expand in the country.

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A New and Robust Pachamama Alliance Community Core Team in China

An incredibly committed and passionate group of community leaders emerged from the 3-day long Training Leaders & Community event. The workshop was designed to support participants in their desire to create a powerful, self-generating body of people equipped, responsible, and committed to using the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Facilitator Training to wake people and engage them in effective collective game-changing action—the purpose of the Pachamama Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway. During the 3 days, participants engaged deeply with the sacred source of the Pachamama Alliance’s programs and practiced a new model of leadership to truly honor and respect each individual’s talents as well as the wisdom of the group. As a result, the group formed teams to accomplish 3 things, all of which aim at waking people and engaging them in game changing action:

  • Expand the message and possibility of a thriving, just and sustainable future in China
  • Create a program for children and families create using existing materials
  • Create a strategy to generate a larger number of eco-citizens, people aware of the current crisis who are committed to a new future for all

In the words of one participant:

"It was a heart-opening and inspiring experience. A whole new set of integrated leadership skills."

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Facilitator Trainings

The core team in Beijing also arranged several events outside of the capital city making it possible for 72 new Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Facilitators to be trained.

The groups trained are part of the Hua Tao Eco-Village, and the Taipei and Changsha Shude Educational Group.


Symposiums were held throughout the 3 weeks of the visit. Some of them included:

  • Waldorf Elementary School of Beijing
  • Southwest Petroleum University
  • Huaxiang Going-Abroad Service Company
  • Beijing Normal University
  • Changsha Elementary School
  • China Philanthropy Research Institute
  • Beidahe Cultural Wetland Park
  • Shude Educational Group
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