Ecuadorian Expedition, Amazonian Catamaran 2009

April 01, 2009 | By The Pachamama Alliance

Fundación Pachamama is supporting the Ecuadorian Catamaran boat expedition “Río Napo-Amazonas” to demonstrate that alternatives to carbon based travel are possible, and so is a new model of development that is in harmony with the natural world. This expedition will leave Coca city by the Napo River, reach the Amazon River and navigate to Belén, Brasil crossing through the entire Amazon rainforest, nearly the size of the continental United States. The Catamaran boat will be propelled only by alternative energies, wind and solar, becoming the first expedition to navigate in the Amazonic Rivers without burning any fossil fuels. There will be three navigators, Norberto Novik (Captain and pilot), Inty Arcos (biologist), and Pablo Beler (musician) supported by Alejandro Lazzatti, Alejandro Santillán and Siemund Thies in charge of documenting this unique trip and taking care of any medical emergencies.

This expedition is going to promote an environmentally sustainable model of development, going beyond extractivism as the only alternative. It will also celebrate the recognition of Rights for Nature in Ecuador’s Constitution since September 2008, and campaign for the Yasuni-ITT Initiative that aims to permanently leave the oil of the ITT (20% of Ecuador’s reserves) underground. They will travel through many remote locations that are in great danger due to policy and climate change, and will bring positive news of hope and change.

The expedition will also further Fundación Pachamama’s objectives since they will be simultaneously carrying out two important research studies; one regarding the ecosystem service evaluation of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the sedimentation of the Napo River to determine the feasibility of the Manta-Manaus route.

Fundación Pachamama believes a new world is possible and that this amazing initiative will show Amazonians and the world, alike, that we do not need to depend on fossil fuels to live and develop.