New Partnerships Bring Awakening the Dreamer to Brazil

August 11, 2015 | By Maisa Arias

For several years Pachamama Alliance held onto the dream that one day the message of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium would flourish in Brazil—spreading throughout the nation of 200 million inhabitants, inspiring strong partnerships and community.

In July, 2015, Pachamama Alliance Co-founder, Lynne Twist, Symposium Facilitator, Erik Friend, and other Pachamama Alliance team members travelled to Sao Paulo and Santos to meet with our new partners from ELOS Institute and Rede Ubuntu to present two Symposiums.

To our great delight, we are now engaged with organizations, businesses, and individuals already working towards bringing forth a just and sustainable Brazil.

New Partnerships

ELOS Institute

ELOS Institute is a non profit organization aiming to “propel the movement to build the world we dream of, right now.” Pachamama Alliance and ELOS teams worked together for several months to realize an intention that ELOS had put out to the world: to have Lynne Twist present at their signature program Warriors Without Weapons (GSA) in July. Based on the ELOS philosophy, the GSA program teaches participants how to apply different tools to realize common dreams in order to create social change in the world.

We are pleased to share that 2 major events organized by ELOS Institute gathered over 220 people from all over the world who enjoyed both the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and Soul of Money Institute’s keynote! We are infinitely grateful to have found such a match in vision, mission, and commitment in the ELOS Institute. Both organizations are so invigorated by this connection that we are planning our next steps to connect the people and communities that our work has touched throughout the years to offer support and to empower them in realizing their vision of a thriving future for all.
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Rede Ubuntu

Red Ubuntu is a collaborative network of organizations and individuals taking part in transforming the world by providing education and guidance that allow individuals to develop themselves as a whole, reaching the fullness of their possibilities and connecting their true essence with the needs of a world undergoing a wave of awakening.

The first Symposium of 2015 in Brazil was presented in conjunction with Rede Ubuntu to several organizations and individuals in Sao Paulo. The Symposium was a great success within this group that is eager to share the message with others in Brazil. We are deeply grateful that our organizations have come together! Red Ubuntu, ELOS Institute and Pachamama Alliance are collaborating to bring a Facilitator Training to Brazil in 2015.

Creating Change through Partnerships

As Pachamama Alliance embarks on a direction of creating a significant shift in the world by partnering with other organizations, we feel honored to be collaborating with these two organizations.

We are also proud to have established connections with many other groups invested in creating a prosperous, responsible and sustainable Brazil by examining and transforming the social, economic and spiritual conditions of the country. Some of these groups and individuals include; Eco-Rede Social, a crowd-funding platform for social projects; ABCR, a non-profit organization that’s creating a culture of giving in Brazil and aimed to create a more just society; and IDIS-Institute for the Development of Social Investment.