Pachamama Alliance Week on Humanity Rising

September 27, 2022 | By The Pachamama Alliance

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 2.30.05 PM-1Pachamama Alliance Co-founders Bill Twist and John Perkins discussing our work in the Amazon with Belén Paez, Chairperson of the Board of Fundación Pachamama, our sister organization in Ecuador.

On September 14 - September 16, 2022, Pachamama Alliance Co-founders and staff members were featured each day on Ubiquity University's Humanity Rising.

What is Humanity Rising?

Humanity Rising represents a movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to leverage the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity for human renewal and increased resilience to future challenges.

It manifests as daily 1.5 hour long webinars featuring presentations, panels, discussions and other interactions around global solutions and how we can work together to implement them in practical and effective ways.

302493539_5644465032269562_7956019831653594892_nEnjoy the following recordings of Pachamama Alliance Week on Humanity Rising to learn more about our work, hear some of the latest developments, and learn how you can get involved.

Day 1

John Perkins and Bill Twist, Co-founders of the Pachamama Alliance share the origins of the Pachamama Alliance, and how that spawned Fundacion Pachamama into becoming one of the most innovative and effective organizations working with and supporting indigenous peoples anywhere.

Belen Paez shares how Fundacion Pachamama became the base from which innovative ideas like legal rights for nature and the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative were able to gestate, be nourished and take form.


Day 2

In 2008, Ecuador was the first country in the world to grant legal rights to Nature in its national constitution. This accomplishment has spawned a global movement to legally recognize the rights of ecosystems and natural communities to exist, maintain and regenerate their vital cycles.

Learn the background of how this new conception of Nature as a rights bearing entity came about, how and where it is spreading around the world, and the critical impact it can have for restoring a human/Earth balance and regenerating all forms of life on our planet.


Day 3

Several key leaders of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative (ASHI) describe the vision, history, process, and current status of the commitment to put 86 million acres of the most biodiverse rainforest on Earth into permanent protection.

This initiative encompasses the Napo and Maranon river basins, stretching across the entire Ecuadorian Amazon and through the Northern Peruvian Amazon. It is being led by 30 Indigenous Nations, who are aligned on a common vision for protecting their home.


Day 4

Lynne Twist tells the mystical story of how the Pachamama Alliance came through a call and then became the global phenomenon that it is. She also discusses with her collaborative writer Mary Chase her new book, “Living a Committed Life: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger than yourself” and how vitally important it is for people to step up and play their rightful role at this critical time in History.

This inspiring session includes Lynne's personal journey, Mary and Lynne’s partnership, Sara Vetter, and Lynne’s work together, and all 3 of them explore the keys to finding your own highest calling and the power of taking a stand.


Day 5

Join a conversation to explore how, as adrienne maree brown says, “the small is all,” how our capacity to generate liberation in ourselves is profoundly connected to our capacity to generate it out in the world. Maisa Arias and Mario Trigueros share from their personal work and the transformative, international work of the Pachamama Alliance.